Blibber and Blabber, the Distorted Poet Rambles…

I just felt like writing a post so I can update on how boring my life has been. Aside from road trips, parties, and getting completely smashed as though I was a rock star (I’m not a rock star, I am a poet) and not really feeling the burn nor the effect of the wild ride that keeps us growing wild in our blooming.

I see the light of my own self prospering as it always should. I am excited that I am in a deep meditation with my focus and self discipline on the road to writing and publishing.

I am thankful that I am able to type fast and efficiently while I drift off into a deeper space and lose myself completely in side of it.

I am thankful that my mind has been lectured and molded unlike anyone I know and probably will ever know.

The sun shines, and women in short layers drift by, as well as families, kids, and their civil and well maintained pets that accompany them.

I enjoy roaming endlessly into the road of life as well as being very solitaire for my writing and personal needs.

I am content with holding off the publishing of two books before the end of this year and instead postpone them to be published sometime within the next few months of the new year.

I know it is for the best due to books being published the year before are considered old books, even if it is at the end of the year.

I felt this was fitting and it popped into my mind:

“Her hair flows like an angels wing in its soft and calm tone.”

Much better…do not ask why I wrote that, it was just something random I felt I needed to write.

I think I shall stop writing nonsense for now and go do something on this lovely day. So far I have met up with a few friends and went to the cemetery to hang out and enjoy the atmosphere.

Cheers for now.

~ by The Distorted Poet on August 22, 2010.

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