Friends, and Well…the Others…


-A Brief passage of the working book titled:

“The Book of the Second Law”

I have had a wonderful summer season. I have enjoyed every minute of my days off and it was well spent.  But I have noticed in the three months I have met some people I would simply not want nor care to hang around.

So on that note, I have decided to do so.

One should realize that you have as many friends as you can count fingers on one side of ones hand…and the rest, well…they’re simply associates, colleagues, or just people that you would rather not want to be around. I give people plenty “benefits of the doubt” before I just simply say “fuck em” and pretend they do not exist anymore. Call me shallow if you will, but that I am definitely not…

I’m just simply tired of people that dick you around and talk all kind of ill minded and ill educated thoughts behind ones back

The world that you surround yourself with is who and what you are. The bird of a feather cliche comes to mind, but I will not use it. Some flocks are best left for the vultures to feed upon.

Where I reside; near Lake Merritt in Oakland, California; It is 80 degrees Fahrenheit right now… IT is 11:45PM…

I cannot believe how scalding hawt it really is right now…

Strange things have been happening recently. Nothing in particular really, but an old past gf and I have been chatting a little bit during strange and random events.

For example: one evening I received two emails concerning her. And yesterday I was reading an email from her father…which was indeed pleasant and rather rewarding I should add. To be honest with myself, I was expecting something other than what was written.

Needless to say I was very pleased with the email in general. I am a single man and I am indeed in no rush to jump on anyone train. Friends are indeed cool and well, those we like to call casual encounters are always discreet and fun from time to time.

I want to create a whole new era paintings. I am not certain what I will call them, but they will indeed have a top secret theme that will be noted once the project is complete. I am indeed excited about it though.

I will write more another time, and until then…enjoy and be good.

~ by The Distorted Poet on August 25, 2010.

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