…On Writing.

As an author and writer of currently five published books I do not feel content with myself at the present time in my life. Indeed, I will continue to write and publish books, that is granted and in the chess board into the future of my work as an author, lyric writer and artist in more forms than one identifying medium.

Writing on many wavelengths is an art form. To flow like fine wine drifting down as if the blood waterfall from the bottle into the riveting glass that holds full each time is simply the doorway into a storyline.

Do not try to impress anyone with your writing…simply doing so is failure at its best.

Want to become some famous “One million books sold and counting” author? If you do, don’t take my advice and run for the hills, cause I am not going to give you it… I will only give you the key to your own pleasurable story or stories.

I do not want to be a million book best seller…and if I do, so be it, but my soul would rather push out the work I desire within my own mind and not have some twit try to tell me what sells, and would rather settle for some puppet on a string story for a quick sell out for the masses to suck on like the vulture’s they simply are… I’m just tired and sick of the bull that society has spoon fed our minds to become some “so called” famous person… I always hear people say, and I am not joking “When I get famous…” or “I’m going to write a new show called…” or “I am going to write a book, it’s going to be like a film.” or “I should send my script to…”

OH-MY-GOOODNESSS! Get on your pipe dream and sail away already! PLEASE!!!

Screw fame…All it is simply put is corporate lottery to capitalize on.

CHA-CHING!!! <—WE GOT A WINNER HERE NOW LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!!! O.o <—No Thank you… Pass me the “I’d rather do what I WANT Menu, thank you  very much.

So if you are planning on writing that number one best selling novel, enjoy. In the meantime, I will be writing what I see fit, and if people enjoy the read(s), then so be it.

My best advice to the beginning writer that wants to write is:

“JUST WRITE…And if you listen to your self failure and feel insecure about it, then stop writing and give up…it’s not for you…so stop trying…”

Ich schreibe, mich zu erfreuen, und meine Leser, die meine Arbeit lieben, vielen Dank freundlich. ..and ich hoffe, dass Sie meine Arbeit in den vielen Jahrzehnten genießen, zu kommen.


~ by The Distorted Poet on August 25, 2010.

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