Play Station Network Down; Users Complain…? 10/8/2010

So, I have been getting a ton of complaints by users of the Playstation Home Network not being able to get on. Not sure what Playstation is doing, due to keeping it under wraps and there is no news on the matter. People from Canada, US, the UK Japan, Hong Kong and Mexico have been complaining about error messages while trying to get on Home has been apparent all day, as users have argued and complained about, but still no word about it yet officially in the media world… So, what’s the deal Playstation?

USer will see the following below:
Network Error
The Connection to the server was lost

Users have been complaining since October 7, 2010 and have continued into Friday October 8, 2010…Not sure if it will continue, but here is what some users wrote:

One User complained she had not been on all day.

One Complained she tried 20 times before getting online, then was suddenly booted twenty minutes later while inside the mall, shopping there.

One complained she kept getting system Errors with numbers after starting with X [See above for more detail on the Error] and ending with D23…and others have complained in similar manners.

So, you’ve read it here first!

The Distorted Poet; Autor, Poet, Rockstar, and major Gamer signing off!

~ by The Distorted Poet on October 8, 2010.

One Response to “Play Station Network Down; Users Complain…? 10/8/2010”

  1. i havent been able to get in to PS home for over a month

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