FallOut New Vegas PS3 and Xbox360 Review By: Michael G. Stone

This most anticipated game of the year is beyond words as you begin in front of a stranger after being shot at, buried, then rescued by a machine. And of course revenge stirs up in the player, and you are in a California/Nevada wasteland that reminds you of Joshua Tree if you have ever been there.

Two options of play is a harder version (weight on ammo, always need to hydrate, and eat food or you will die) which will give you a reward (not sure what) at the end for playing it in that mode or the regular version.

Problems seems to arise on the PS3 version where it begins to freeze in mid walk, so make sure you save every few minutes, or every minute like I have been.

On the Xbox 360 version, people are complaining about glitches like “Freezing while in the menu (PIPBOY).” And doorways being too low, some beginning beneath the steps and midget doors in some places.

Aside from the glitches in the new version “so far” this game is worth the money spent. But Bethesda, get your glitches in gear before they destroy my PS3 because when it freezes, the player needs to reset, and that could damage your console, as like all computers…software is supposed to work properly before it hits the market, just saying!

I’m giving the game 4 stars, minus one for the glitches from hell. ^_^ Enjoy!
-Michael (((<>>)))

~ by The Distorted Poet on October 20, 2010.

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