Forest of Caves II: Deeper Within the Flesh [Rejected Cover]

I am finished with the book; finally. So now for me to re-write the whole damn thing. I have created a demo version of the book cover, and I hope I can upload it onto here. Oh, I just posted it and it should be visible on the right side of this. Let’s hope, shall we?

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Anyways, Well, as I were. Deeper Within the Flesh is about two characters: Golden Archangel, and the Silver Demon. It is about two lovers who are immortals who discuss morale and order on the planet in which we reside in today. As Rimbaud once hid himself in an outhouse to have peace and quiet in order to write down what was on his calmed mind from the chaos that surrounded his life. Forest of Caves is a metaphor for Rimbaud’s outhouse; A modern cave that we dwell into and to be at peace from our daily lives to survive.

The poem of over 11,000 words so far, and I imagine I will delete, add, and delete again a few thousand or here and there and add two thousand or so more before the prose is complete. Other selected poetry and prose from 2008-2011 (January 2011) will be added also.

You can view other art pieces from the artist at the sites below:
[Websites are no longer available]
I will write more soon.

~ by The Distorted Poet on January 6, 2011.

5 Responses to “Forest of Caves II: Deeper Within the Flesh [Rejected Cover]”

  1. i like the colours of this pict but the whole idea is just disgusting!! its not about darkness. i think theres too much red. theres no balance between colours.

    • @ dip,

      Thank you for replying in comment to the art piece above. If you were to cut deeper within the flesh, the colors (Excuse my American English if you will) would indeed be “red” and I prefer the tones as more of a metaphor, and not a grotesque piece of horror. Not that the book is focusing on the cover as insight to what will read within its contents but as a metaphor in respect to. I personally fell in awe to the piece as soon as I glanced eyes on it, and have been writing “Deeper Within the Flesh” since February of 2010.

      However, the art piece was inspiring enough to ask permission to use for the cover of the book, and I am fortunate to have received the acceptance of this request; aside from a vanishing act the artist pulled and deleted her Facebook page, or perhaps somebody else did.

      When I think “Deeper Within the Flesh”; I imagine one should take in consideration the metaphorical aspect of the piece; and not the literal sense of a visual canvas as the front motion.

      I will give a quick example; when one tells you their life history as to a bonding of sorts to get to know a person, one tends to go “deeper within the flesh” to tell you things they perhaps will never tell anyone ever again, and perhaps for the rest of their entire lives.

      As of now I am completely rewriting the whole piece aside from the first 157 words. Feel free to read them at the link provided below if you wish:

      And thank you again for your reply and insight, much appreciated.

  2. In order to understand this painting – you need to understand the circumstance in which it was created. It was created right after the murder of Polish politicians in Smolensk in 2010 (their plane was probably shot down or sabotaged). The person in that painting is pretty much “Poland – the mother” looking at another “fire”, another disaster on the horizon : Smolensk crash which was a part of the beginning of WW III. Arabia has followed. Under the sadness and peace of BLUE – there is a red hot lava ready to explode, the ring of lava will soon replace to peace of sadness. Revolution and blood are coming. And this is exactly what this painting means. I know for a fact.

    • Mr. Bronski,

      Thank you kindly for your perception of this painting that lady Gajda created. I do admit, I dearly wished to use this painting as the cover of Deeper Within The Flesh, and I was honored when she gave me the approval during that time period.

      However, as I wrote in the previous months since she has disappeared from the face of the inter-web, I will have to regretfully not use this painting as the front cover for the book. Not that I still do not want to, because that is not the case at all.

      Perhaps if you know her, since I’ve noticed my site receives a lot of clicks from various Polish page links in regards to her name; to have her send me an email in regards to the “go ahead” of using the piece as the cover design of the book. Not that I have not created other demo editions, but I still have my heart set on Mother Poland’s Withering aura, as you described it yourself in so many words. And yes, I did read about the 2010 plane crash incident. And my deepest condolences to their families and friends, and all others who were effected by the outrage.

      I tried contacting her mother’s face book page in regards, but there was no response. Kind of eerie, if you ask me…

      Thanks again for the historical feedback of the painting as you perceive it, by the way. And feel free to comment with your opinions anytime.


  3. It is a great painting – the earring made of bullet hole and streams of blood is supposed to remind about Katyn Massacre which saw Polish POW in soviet camps shot dead in the back of their heads. The plain that was downed over Russia in 2010- was flying to the anniversary /celebrations of that massacre. The shape of her head is supposed to bring Apollo to mind and remind us about divinity/unearthly origins of human race. The whole painting is calmly aggressive and is a threat to those who manipulate humanity and are responsible for crimes against it. In reality this painting is even better. Justyna – if she ever decides to be as much as her talent – will become one of the greatest painters of this century – I have no doubt about it. Her world is very special. And Michael – your poems are great too. Good luck. World without artists would not be worth spitting on.

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