(The first 157 words) The Final Edit: “Forest of Caves II – Deeper Within the Flesh”

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Well, a few weeks ago, after completing the rough draft of Deeper Within the Flesh, an upcoming book release I hope to release before Spring of 2011; I decided to completely re-write the whole thing.

Here is the first 157 words:

“Deeper Within the Flesh”

A very gray wind from the middle eastern lands
One by one – the sand arose into the sky.
As the scales of the air
Thick and crowded
A congested freeway on rush hour
Marching onto a dark beyond.

She cloaks her lust into my view
Her breasts – bare before me.
Heaven could not imagine such beauty
Until laid there before me.
Un-Borrowed – And mine for my forbidden appetite.
A lustful year as I ate the poison from the apple.
And I now cursed by a dark witch as she laughs
Her piercing gypsy hell.
In London; I afloat in a discreet opium bar.
I stare up at a woman with three eyes
And six breasts
Her skin; radiation blue.
Her eyes; an ancient turquoise green.
And her hair –Amethyst crystals,
Flowing exquisite perception.
She stared–smiling. Naked-cross legged and her arms swayed like a constant motion
Like endless waves from the pacific.

The cover design is a rough demo of the soon to be final draft. The above 157 words will be in the book and unedited. What you see above will be a very small amount of crumbs for your double dutch chocolate cake soon enough. I hope you enjoyed reading the first 157 words of “Deeper Within the Flesh” from the upcoming release:

“Forest of Caves II – Deeper Within the Flesh”.
Front Cover Artwork: Polish Artist

~ by The Distorted Poet on March 7, 2011.

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