Do You Really Get Everything You Want?

I begin with a quote from a very impressive and powerful Russian Science Fiction writer when I quote;

“Do not lose what has been given,
Do not regret what has been lost.
This boy at the doorway to heaven
Is weary of sighing and tears.
But he can see straight through you,
And he won’t sing us any psalms,
He will ask us only one question–
Did we live and did we love…
Did we live and did we love…
Did we live and did we love…”
-Sergei Lukyanenko (Last Watch,
pg. 146-147 ISBN: 978-1-4013-0927-5)

Well, Aside from working and editing on “Forest of Caves II: Deeper Within the Flesh” I am also working on another series of the Forest of Caves II trilogy. Yes, that is correct, this will be another work of three books all with the main title: Forest of Caves II. The first trilogy is a set of prose, poetry and ballads. All of the Forest of Caves books (Now published) are titled below:

1. Forest of Caves: The Book of Dreams (September 20, 2004, Publish America)
2. Forest of Caves: Season’s of Heaven and Hell (September 6, 2005 Publish America)
3. Forest of Caves: The Darkest Garden (January 4, 2009 Lulu Publishing)

The Book of Dreams and Season’s of Heaven and Hell are both under a seven year contract. So I must wait before deciding on a second printing to be released. The Darkest Garden was released soon after I left a contract with a literary agency who had a bind on the Manuscript for one year, and no publisher wanted to publish the book through the literary agency, which is fine. I do admit though, it drove me up a wall knowing I couldn’t touch the manuscript and having a good feeling the agency was not pushing the manuscript to be released to “anyone” in the first place… and I had it soon published shortly after the binding contract was at an end.

With this in mind, I let readers know that The Darkest Garden was the last of the trilogy of the Forest of Caves (Part 1) releases. When I write the title “Forest of Caves” It is a metaphor for our modern environment, and as an individual; we all have our caves that we crawl into, and that is our home in which we live in day to day.

I kept that promise however, I have decided to keep the title. But to add a 2nd trilogy of books in the same title as follows:

1. Forest of Caves II: Deeper Within the Flesh (Work in progress – Not Yet Published)
2. Forest of Caves II: Within Centuries (Work in progress – Not yet published)
3. Forest of Caves II: (Sub Title will not be mentioned publicly as of now.)

The II, as some of you may already know is known as the Roman Numeral for the number 2. Meaning, my next collection of poems that will be published will become Part 2 of a trilogy (3 in the set) of poems, prose and perhaps ballads that I will continue to do.

I have decided that all future poetry releases Will begin with the main title “Forest of Caves” in all of them, unless a publisher contracts otherwise, in which I probably will not admire and will more than likely deny their request to do so. But that could change, and we will see. I am not admiring the thought nor encouraging a compromise on the fact at hand though, and wish all of my poetic works be with the main title at hand.

I have meditated on the decision to create all of the poetry collections of mine to have the main title as I would like to stress in detail; it is a decision of my own. And I enjoy the fact that it will always be that, my own decision. Not that I am not a man of compromise like I wrote in the last paragraph; cause I am indeed a man of compromise. However, some things are meant to be set in stone for reasons of their own understanding.

I’ll meditate on these thoughts and perhaps continue with this posting in a future publication. In the meantime, thanks for being a reader and enjoy life as you should always do.

~ by The Distorted Poet on August 2, 2011.

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