Puppet on all Kinds of Strings but Getting Paid

Please be fair warned this spoken word piece was written with explicit words. Mature and Broadminded adults please read only. And for the rest of you; Another part of my blog perhaps? Thank you.

The title is: Puppet on all Kinds of Strings but Getting Paid

Soul suck the life out of me.

IT is as SIMPLE as THAT…but it must be!

I soul suck my own luck for this four dollar an hour fuck.

And what do I do; sip a few from the cup of tea.

And mind my own business; like the unfortunate bumble bee.

There are no queens here. There is no happy endings honey…

“I’ll write if you pay me…” A non soul filled twit said.

Puppet on all kind of strings –Code Red! Code Red!

A cable in a jar just in case you stray too far.

Young child, your parent’s do not even know why they pay their taxes;

But they know you’ll be spoon fed well by the corporation.

Young woman and man, well –I simply pity you none…you enjoy your nurishmental establishments.

…A young educatied man; fresh from the cattle pin enters the cubicle realm.


…He stares into his monitor; while enjoying his morning Starfuckers;



bullshit filled with organics

…and just a dab of cinnamin late’ to go please with a stain on my shirt at my desk.

The monitor is vibrant with corporation fuel;






…A neighbor from his cubicle enters and whispers;

“Quit now before you become as evil as I am”

“Hehehe.” He giggles.

“I am already part of it; they put my chip in during the class of 2310.”
He whispers back with a smile on his mechanical face.

“Good. Let’s get these consumers giving us a blow-job their credit
cards and wallets will never forget.”

“Oh, by all means —I got that program.”

(C) 2010 The Distorted Poet, Michael G. Stone
Please do not copy without permission; unless quoted in a newspaper or magazine.

~ by The Distorted Poet on September 14, 2011.

One Response to “Puppet on all Kinds of Strings but Getting Paid”

  1. Hey ,The Distorted Poet is Awesome !! Love his work, I’m A big fan!

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