“In the Blink of a Dark Eye” [Unreleased] Forest of Caves II: Deeper Within the Flesh Promotion

"Seasoning each other once again Like sunlight and moonlight eclipsing themselves as one. Briefly, Delicately With a sudden joy of amazing."

This free verse piece I decided to write will be available in the upcoming release of:

Forest of Caves II: Deeper Within the Flesh

This is not an excerpt from the actual piece “Deeper Within the Flesh” but a selected piece that will be one of a plethora of poems within pages of the upcoming title.

I personally love this piece, and I am very proud to have produced it. While reading this, please take the time to focus on the metaphors within the read. And feel free to abandon everything your mind can possibly think of before reading this work I am very proud of creating.

The piece is free-verse and I believe I wrote it in less than half an hour. But please make no mistake when this is an in depth piece I am proud of producing and lost myself in while writing the piece.

Please enjoy the read I have titled “In the Blink of a Dark Eye”.

In the blink of a dark eye

It was a while ago

But not too long ago
A lady in flames came upon a gentleman’s door.

He asked her to come inside
While those flames washed away from her body. And almost immediately her flames were gone.

While caressing each others memories
We talked of soul blending
Love making
Life creating
And the mourning of loved ones.

Then she worried
And ran away, fearful and afraid.
“I’m feeling deeper than I should be…”
And almost instantly she walked out and vanished;
Like a bumble bee gathering pollen for the queen. But not that devoted; as is the bee.

But my thoughts of this flame would not vanish
And her thoughts mutual in the same.
And as I let her go, she called again within a few days.

And for a while we came in tuned again
Lost in wild rivers of unimaginable discretion.
An evolving orgasm on levels only the soul could endure.
And we would drift off again on our separate ways.

At night she would imagine things and her visions would wander in negative thought about how foolish her mind was while thinking of such a gentleman so far apart from her own world.

And as those thoughts became,
She decided to write them to him.
They were such lost and hopeless words in fear of losing her heart again.
Or be banished in a world, if deceit.

And knowing she wanted to let go
He would write back encouraging her to do what she wanted to,
Regardless of his own feelings of selfishness.

And she would go and play for a few days
But her mind would not let the thought of him go.
So she asked him again
In flames and at the same door.
And of course he let her in again
Knowing he had been lost in the same thoughts of loss.

And we would gather together
Caressing each others feelings again.
Like two ancient and precious souls.
Seasoning each other once again
Like sunlight and moonlight eclipsing themselves as one.


With a sudden joy of amazing.

While tears from demons and angels fell from the skies above and the sun still shined while this went on.

But then,

Almost in the blink of a dark eye
Her heart decided to see someone else and thought she would be better off this time around.

And when she told him the truth
He decided that she wanted to roam off once again.
And he let her vanish like she did before
To roam freely as she did once before.

Knowing this
He walked outside as the rain poured with a subtle calm.
He stood while in flames and let himself be put out from its burn.

Standing there
With a festival of raindrops dancing all over his body
And he stood there in an unwanted mourn.
Like the loss of someone who went off on duty to war.

And immediately became fallen while on the battlefield.

To receive a letter that you hope a loved one would never have to read.

It’s always best to let them go.
It’s always best to let them go.
Perhaps those flames will set foot on those doorsteps again,
It’s always best to let them go.

~ by The Distorted Poet on October 11, 2011.

2 Responses to ““In the Blink of a Dark Eye” [Unreleased] Forest of Caves II: Deeper Within the Flesh Promotion”

  1. Lost for words… and amazing ❤

  2. Tears stream down my cheek… not of sadness but of joy.

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