An Excerpt from the Book “Forest of Caves: The Darkest Garden”

Photograph of the book in Format (Credits shown in photo are not in original book)

I thought I would share an excerpt of the book in a brief few or more stanza’s below.

Click on the photo to the left for more info on the book title

I hope you enjoy the passages from the book: Forest of Caves: The Darkest Garden.

[My darkest self arrived]

I look at myself now,

Beautiful and peaceful.

I was at ease.

I said to me:

“You’ve finally made it.

You have imagined the dream,

Felt the dream,

And now you have become the dream.”

[The darkest self began speaking]

“You have it in you.

It is deeper then you will ever know.

You are waiting for it to come to you,

But it is already there,

Waiting and wanting you.

Wanting you to become the darkest light.

Waiting for you to become the darkest dream.”

“Thank you.” I said.

The darkest self walked away.

But it did not walk away,

It walked right back into me.

And I felt myself being whole again…

-End of Excerpt-

(c) 2009 Michael G. Stone

~ by The Distorted Poet on October 25, 2011.

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