The Condolences ov Jhon Balance and the Music Group; Coil [An Old Memory in 2004]

This was something I wrote shortly after we found out Geoff Jhon Balance of Coil had an accident and was pronounced dead while inside of the ambulance on the way to the hospital after a head injury. He had fallen from the balcony of a second floor as Peter had found him bleeding shortly after he heard a thumping onto the ground. Some Fans of Coil lashed out and felt I was trying to publicize my work and profession as a Poet and Author; well as read in the condolences the post was only supposed to be for Sleazy’s eyes as I wrote it for him and him alone. I had no control over the email being published and I do not critic Sleazy’s decision in publishing it either. This was not supposed to have been published publicly, however; it was published for public viewing shortly after the condolences to Sleazy (Peter Christopherson) was stopped. Now it is available on the link below on page 7 of the website in Adobe PDF format:
The Condolences of Jhon Balance ov Coil

Please read below and best wishes to those family and friends who all knew him well.
Date: Mon Nov 15, 2004 10:35:49 AM
Subject: My greatest gratitude……..R.I.P. Eternally.
Dear Peter,
My name is the Distorted Poet, Michael G. Stone. From the San Francisco bay
area in California (U.S.A.)! I hope you are doing well in this time. Actually I know
youre not doing well. Please dont go anywhere besides in the music. Jhon brought
a joy into my life that can never really be described.
I’ve had many self voyages while listening to coil since I was in highschool. I’m 30
now, and the music seems to never change its goldmine,. I write many poems,
short stories, and novels while under the influence of coils music. I just wonder off
with each song.
Brocolli makes me fall into tears each time I hear the song. Its very emotional for
me, due to my mother passing the day before Thanksgiving in 1999. Its good to
have that sort of emotion from a tone, that whisper in your ear giving me the
illusion of my life and surrounding horrors that i’ve been through. Not the the
music, just being music.
It is 2:07 am Monday November 15, 2004 A. D. When I write this. I had just
recently woken up from being sick all sunday, and!taken nyquil which made me
sleep too long..
I wanted to do some spoken word stuff with the band coil. Doesnt look like I’ll be
able to do it with Jhon, but hopefully Sleazy will enlighten his direction in mine. I
wrote a poem that is published in a book called “Forest Of Caves: The Book Of
This is one of the poems:

Peter Christopherson
His spirit
Another realm.
And his body lurks in my time
And beautiful it is.
The poet flows
Inside musical trance
His eyes adore the vision
His world sees
The musician
Brings the vision, Immaculate.
The four leaf clover
Fall onto the lap now.
Eternal passion
“Seeds in healthy soil”

!! ……..Its really hard to describe how it feels right now. I
was always selfish and had
been mad for quite sometime that coil never made it to San Francisco, where I live
now… For a live showing… I don’t even get that option of being mad anymore… I
can only mourn, and enjoy live performances that friends send my way. The solar
lodge has lost a cadet, and I hope Sleazy doesn’t lose himself in himself, and
continues on with music. PLEASE Peter PLEASE, Jhon I’m sure would wanted it.
Keep your head up high. go talk to David Tibet, he seems like a very comforting
soul. I hope Genesis will take the time away from his touring and do the same.
This email will probably never get a reply, but please do me a favor and give it to
Peter. I’d rather it in his hands then in some book to be honest. Take care, and
please enjoy the winds outside. They will blow with mourn now.
-Michael G. Stone ~ The Distorted Poet

~ by The Distorted Poet on November 20, 2011.

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