A Lecture on Writing in the Modern World – Passion or Profit?

Today, like all things I sometimes wonder about the worlds outlook on modern literature. After reading literature (Interviews, Documentaries) on authors of today I have noticed a lot of them write in the junction of selling a book to market. “What sells?” was an “above all” method and inspiration in many of the authors minds that I read and watched documentaries and interviews on.

So the question I have would be to myself as an American Author is “Would you rather write for your own passion, or for profit?”. And well, profit is something that is illusive in our daily lives. With the stock market failing and our world positioning to start a rise on a new world march into a new world war, I would have to say I will always write for passion of myself.

When I create fiction for example, I write to entertain my creative ideas that over come me and become visual as I write them down onto the paper with ink. And later write and edit it in manuscript format. As I write this I look over at the pack of Pall Mall cigarettes; the kind my grandmother once smoked before she passed away and I want to go outside and light it up, since I do not smoke in doors. However, I feel that going outside right now would only lose my focus on the subject at hand.

When I have readers and friends read my work, I get the admiration and I am proud to see them feel emotions unlike what they would with other works. Emotions of tears, laughter, love, romance, and well… sometimes they’re offended and they are feeling grotesque thoughts about what they just read, considering some of my work is in fact horror fiction.

I had a woman read a piece about a female who slit her wrists. I can’t think of the poem’s title at the moment and won’t worry about looking for the title, however after reading she was immediately offended and almost burst-ed into tears; and I asked why? At first, she was skeptical to do so, and then she took the leather bands from her wrists; both of them were slit downwards, not sideways, but downwards. She said this is why it offended her, cause she was once a victim of what I wrote as a fictional poem. My fiction was her reality.

I remember while in church youth groups as a minor/teenager, I would have colleagues during session read my work during recess periods to congregate with each other and I would watch them literally fall into tears, and that to me was passionate, to see them fill their eyes with emotional tears, falling from their eyes. And that is why I write, even today. Cause I know my writing touches the hearts and minds of people and individuals, no matter what race or creed. And that to me is passion at its best. And to me, it’s very desirable to see ones emotions come out when they pick up a piece I’ve written before my very own eyes and watch them fill their hearts and minds with emotion. That is what modern writing is to me in this world. Passion and not profit.

Perhaps the world has always been like this with the focus strictly on making a wage to profit in our world. Which in some respects is understandable, and in other respects I find doing so doesn’t really bring out the soul in the writer, but the wanting and desire to write for the people of that period. The people want to read something that brings forth their focus drawn into something interesting that has been manifesting during that point in their lives to some extent. Other readers wish to drift away from their daily lifestyles and find something uncharted or exciting, I will put it.

Vampire novels for example; and in my opinion have been exhausted by no end and yet; it is considered by many as a romance or some sort of sexy time read, as I will call it. I by no means have ever written about vampires and never will. Why, do you ask… it sells and readers flock to it, right? I can understand the distorted passions in reading a vampire novel; it has charm, a sense of romance and a code of lust we all secretly want in our own lives, and I don’t write this sentence in a literal sense of the meaning either. Bloodletting by no means is desirable to me and I do find myself guilty of my literature to be irrational in some respects aside from it being fiction and not non-fiction. Today, in our age I have noticed in many that people find fiction to relate in correlation to real life events. And if it seems irrational (Mind you, it’s fiction to begin with, right?) the reader thinks naturally for some strange and odd reason “Oh, I don’t like this book, it’s not realistic.” People are also guilty of doing this with film today as well. And forget it is entertainment, and not a social medium to educate. You want education, go to college perhaps?

A science fiction novel for example that isn’t written logically in the minds of those educated in science will ridicule a fiction writer if his work is not “logical” would be a great one to argue.

Free speech is now under a new statute as far as American amendments are concerned. And well, American lives can and will be considered endangered if we use our own minds, free speech and free will and amendment rights now in this United States Of America.

President Abraham Lincoln once said and it is documented when I quote:

“We the people are rightful masters of both congress and the courts, not to overthrow the constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the constitution.”

This photograph I posted is something I had done in respect to our old President and one of the many good presidents in our history “Abraham Lincoln”. So under the new DNAA (national defense authorization act) bill that was passed, doesn’t this mean Our President Barack Hussein Obama is a terrorist? According to Abraham Lincoln, HE IS!~!

Are the ones who voted for this bill to be passed also considered Terrorists in our own country? Passion or Profit people? I prefer passion, and my amendment rights. I am an American author, poet and United States of American Citizen.

I am a man who would take an oath in office to serve and protect my constitution, not dilute it, not ridicule it, not call it “An imperfect document” as our president Barack Obama said not too long ago in previous statements.

In the book “Barack Hussein Obama The Audacity of Hope” pages 89-92 it reads “I have to side with Justin Breyer’s view of the constitution – that it is a static but living document and must be read in the context of an ever changing world.” This man placed an oath to “Serve, Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Well, so much for that America… Now the senate has passed a law to imprison us American Citizens WITHOUT charge OR trial. IS that freedom? No. Is that Profit? I imagine it is. Is it passionate? To a scumbag criminal, perhaps it always will be…

I’m just absurdly upset about this, and that it actually passed in our own motherland.
MY MOTHERLAND! And if you are a real American, YOUR MOTHERLAND AS WELL! This is insane, and what kind of glory does any man get from this? A terrorist would LOVE this in my opinion, and I am not and never will be a terrorist, I am a United States American Author and citizen of the people in this country. It’s almost like a little kid crying after taking his or her toy away. Why does the parent do this? To teach him or her a lesson in life? Or does the parent do it for other reasons?

Ugh…I’m done writing this… *Presses the Publish to the world into the public domain to read button*

P.S. WHY ARE ALL NEWS MEDIAS “NOT” COVERING THIS??? Are they paid to keep their mouths shut, or else they’re considered terrorists also? WHAT HAPPENED TO FREEDOM OF THE PRESS? Alright, I’m done… It’s almost like someone is making our GOV do this…

~ by The Distorted Poet on December 22, 2011.

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