The Distorted Poet Present’s: Southern Gothicks – (A Digital Series of A Darker Age) Chapter One Coming soon!

The world is a bit different now. Strange creatures have evolved due to a wiccan ritual sayonce done by four witches inside a Redlands cemetery in sunny southern California during a full moon. And now, demons the townspeople call soulcatchers are roaming rampant in the town of Moreno Valley, California and it seems they are unstoppable.

Well, the above synopsis is a short paragraph description of what you will read in the book I have decided to title Southern Gothicks. This book will be divided into chapters and available soon on as a kindle download. So if you do not have a kindle, I would advice you to get yourself one soon.

I am not 100% sure when the first chapter will be published, but I am thinking January 1, 2012.
The story is filled with supernatural activity, witches, lust, passion, punk rock, gothic music, love and a whole lot of dark nature. I’ve been drawing these creatures for over a decade now, and have posted them publicly on other websites. I should have a few of the photographs uploaded into this blog for you to view what they look like. Black and soul like creatures. I won’t go into detail about them due to spoiling it for readers interested.

I’m excited about this and have been working on it for quite sometime. I had noticed authors in history some author’s would publish penny publishing’s where they would publish a chapter and sell them for a penny during their time. Well, these chapters will be 4.99usd each. I imagine a penny back in the 1800’s is at least worth 5usd, right? Nowadays $4.99usd can barely buy you a meal in this market that we reside in, and well these chapters you will be able to keep and perhaps let your family members and friends read while you have it on your kindle also. I will also have it available for borrowing in kindles library section. During the 1900’s, a nickel could purchase a movie, hotdog, a cola beverage (Pop some would call it or Soda) and popcorn.
We’re definitely a long way away from then, however…a dollar doesn’t buy you squat in today’s day and age. If you put a dollar in a parking meter for example, well…you’re not going to get much time for your vehicle, and those meter maids sure do love soul sucking you good, don’t they?
A parking ticket out here in San Francisco can range anywhere from 50-75usd now, depending on where you parked your vehicle out here… so yeah… I’m getting off track here with this random parking tangent. I should photograph a modern day ticket and post it on here that I recently received. Oh, I did? Wow, go figure…

So, 4.99usd for a chapter to keep will go a long way, and well…if you enjoy the first chapter, there will be a lot more where that came from. And you won’t be disappointed. I know I am not, while working on these recent chapters. *Grins*

Anyways, I will write more soon on the subject later today and I will post a piece I have been working on of prose for readers eyes.

Cheers and happy holidays,
Michael G. Stone

~ by The Distorted Poet on December 24, 2011.

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