Thoughts on Southern Gothick’s – Intense Passion to Intense Horror

Not every person who has witnessed horror in their lives see’s it coming. You are driving your daily routine to work in the morning, or you are taking the kids to school and suddenly witness a terrible accident of some sort. Perhaps a vehicle flipped over and cut off a diesel truck hauling fuel and well… you can imagine what could happen next.

You could be in another country and suddenly the police of that country takes you in, and secretly tells you to get money out of the ATM for him, or you will be behind bars for asking around for drugs. And of course you weren’t looking around for drugs, however the crooked police officer knows it is his word against yours in his country. And well, you either get the money for the officer, or you feel the wraith of someone in jail that simply hates people like you in their country…and that could be horror for some of you.

In Southern Gothicks, I will be publishing this series as written in an earlier blog. I wanted to discuss in a part of the book, there is a scene where two lovers Peter and his girlfriend Sarah begin making very exotic and romantic sex on Peter’s living room couch during the early morning hours of the day. While I take you through this in the book, I suddenly twist the waters and Peter begins to open his eyes and he suddenly isn’t into what Sarah and him are doing anymore.

Sarah, on the other hand is interrupted from the instant pleasure she is receiving and is confused and frustrated Peter almost threw her off of him, and she begins to realize why he did, and they are not in the living room anymore either and are in a completely different environment. What is that environment? Why aren’t they in the livingroom anymore? Well, that’s just a tiny glimpse of what is to come in the Southern Gothick Series.

I won’t tell you what is written next, however, I will tell you for that brief moment in the story you will want to know what happens, and it isn’t at all pretty.

In my opinion, when I create a character in a horror, or any other fictional character, I like to scare myself. So when I write an intense part in a book, you should know that I am scared shit-less writing it on paper. But that intensity of being forced to keep going, and writing what lies within and bringing the story out is hard work. Most of the time I must walk away from the page and drop the pen on the desk, get up, and literally walk away and grab something to drink, make some tea, wash my face, or go outside and stick a nail coffin into my mouth and smoke that for the six minutes it takes to suck down. A story in the book I wrote “The Dreamer is Still Asleep – Short Stories for Those Haunted” there is a story in that book titled “Silence, the Cruel Demon Part I”. That story was extremely intense writing for me. Having a child tied to a tree and burned alive, now that’s insanity… and my creative direction took me there, and damn it was an intense ride for me. But that is how Silence becomes the Cruel Demon that she is. I wanted to create shock value in the character Silence. Instantly you felt the pure heart of a little girl playing with her best friend, and end in a complete nightmare. I wanted to make parent readers, if readers of such category be; cringe in fear of how their own husband or wife could someday just blow a lid and become instantly irrational to the point of killing their own child. And there are plenty of documented and realistic articles on the subject.

Passion is intense for those of you who have felt such a delicate encounter of heart, body and soul. And well, intense horror just brings that joy into a one hundred eighty degree joy ride straight to trauma. Without warning, just instant surprise. A rose being given to you for the very first time, or a rose given to you for the first time in a VERY long time can also be passionate, as we all know; or SHOULD know. :- )

I’ll post a release date for the first in the series of “Southern Gothicks” soon. I know I wrote probably by the 1st of January… well, soon enough.

Enjoy your Friday the 13th.

~ by The Distorted Poet on January 13, 2012.

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