“DaBbLe Sit DoWn AnD DaBbLe” Distorted Poetry (Free Verse February 19, 2012)

This free verse will be released with other titles in the upcoming release of
“Forest of Caves II: Deeper Within the Flesh” (Coming soon)
In the meantime, enjoy one of the many pieces that will be in the book. This one, which is free verse as I decided to use the letters of each word in the title as the beginning Word for each stanza, and then used each letter from that word as the first letter in each line. Please enjoy. I am not really sure what I could categorize this as. I do feel as I broke a boundary of some sort, similar to William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin’s cut up theory. I’ll think of something… in the meantime, 3njoy.

“Dabble Sit Down and Dabble”.

Dabble, as it may seem
Angle inside a cave, or perhaps a hilltop or a tree.
Become a new self, if that is what yoU wish to be.
Beware of millions who will never understand you
Leaving anything, takes it toll on the breed.
Enjoy that path if what is what you choose.

Sit, and listen to me for a while,
Intervention time is now, and not tomorrow.
Thus, I beg of you to close your eyes and let go.

Down, you kneel your head and visualize
Opal moons and indigo blue skies.
Wait until that shooting star begins to fall
Nourish that mystical wish onto its call.

And wake up to listen once again,
Nurturing that snap of the fingers; CRISP, SLaP And SssPLASH!
Dreaming of something new and cleansed once again.

Dabble your thoughts of a vision of any ocean,
An eagle fLieS from the westerN Pacific.
Beautiful and blUE as the skiEs aboVe during a sun-raY glaZe.
Before the day ends you see out in the distance an atom bomb cloud rise intensely from the East
Lighting up the sky with its intensity,
Ever-GLAZeD into your soul, rotting crisp fleSH and dust into the air.
(c) 2012 The Distorted Poet, Michael G. Stone

~ by The Distorted Poet on February 18, 2012.

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