Cyborg Surveillance – Physodrone; A Discussion of Droid Technology and Music Influence.

Recently, and more rapidly; technology has advanced into a primitive state of creating android like animals and aircraft. The aircraft; known to the public as Drone aircraft is a surveillance like unit that could consist of attack weapons for military and law enforcement. The craft is known to Military and Scientists as “UAV- Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles” and can be used for both Air and water as of now. Imagine if they could create a UAV capable of diggin through soil, stone, or even metals in order to get to its predator target?

In 2008, while creating a musical project consisting of only voice manipulated by computers I created a track titled “Cyborg Surveillance” shortly after manipulating some of my tones from recorded voice melodies. The song reminded me of a droid like aircraft roaming a perimeter, searching for targets to attack if they were considered threats.

The Project was called Physodrone (Fi-Zo-Drone) and it did not sell any copies. I sent the demo to John Zorn of Tzadik Records, since I queried him about the music and he replied by asking me to send a copy to him in New York.

The response I received from Zorn was that he liked the project, however he did not have the funding to work with my project at that particular time. I’m not sure if that gave the project a chance in the future or not. Although I never worked on it again until 2010, which I never released the tracks I worked on during that time period.

Well, now it is 2012 and I have decided to create a music video for the track Cyborg Surveillance. There is a sample of the track on youtube and should be viewable below this paragraph.

The below piece I wrote based on recently developed technology advancing an animal like UAV droid, capable of running faster than humans. The piece is an example of the development during deployment, and like all things; make mistakes while in Military combat tactics. I wrote my own definition of what an Anibot is, since I just decided to make the term up. The definition is read after the piece below. Enjoy the read.

“A Child with a Pocketful of Stones”

An anibot* roams quickly through the fields,
Cyborg surveillance in real time begins.
GPS data control; destination approaching.
It slows from its full sprint of 30mph,
To a slow predator position; target set.

A military drone officer sits comfortably,
Controlling the anibot; Aiming at target.

“Permission to proceed sir.” The drone officer said.
“Permission Granted.”
“Target has been eliminated sir.”

Little did they notice the boy behind the building,
With a pocket full of stones, skipping them by the river,
Only a few meters away.
Little did they know, that child just turned eight years old today,
Skipping rocks into the river,
And enjoying his peaceful day.

“Bring the anibot back to base.”
“Right away, sir.”
Cool river water flowing,
While a trail of red from the boy flows.
And he will never get to wonder,
Why war surrounds the globe.
A victim of those who the boy will ever know.
(C) Michael G. Stone All Rights Reserved

*Anibot (Noun) n. 1. A UAV droid; titanium alloy molding in the shape and structure of an animal, armed with various forms of arsenal to enhance military deployment on the battlefield.

~ by The Distorted Poet on March 21, 2012.

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