Little Sparrows – A Forest of Caves II: Deeper Within the Flesh Excerpt Poem

This piece was inspired by a song that was released by the musical group Coil titled
“Further Back and Faster” from their love’s Secret Domain album.

I suggest listening to the track at 1:42 Minutes (SONG POSTED AT BOTTOM OF POST – See video VbelowV) before reading the poem. Listening to the song with headphones will give the reader the mood it needs to feel the full grasp of the piece.
Thank you ahead of time for reading and I hope that you enjoy Little Sparrows.

———————————————————–LITTLE SPARROWS————–

Batwings flop
And the flock swoops out of nowhere
And down into the darkness
Of the mist filled skylight.

The little sparrows zen freely from thought
…Roaming shyly flaccid and lucid with the wind.

Bats radar locked on target
Calling out into the night
Their hymn of Tibetan monks chanting
A meditation while in constant flight.

Flip Flop’
The little sparrows
With tender beats in their chests
Flowing brightly—their mourning begins.

Time stops’
The little sparrows sense the monk hymn
Swooping down
Cautious in a distance behind—Can you feel their shivering?

Bats attack
The Sparrow flock
A moment of silence
Thrashing, crushing, bleeding
Those little sparrows
Dying, falling and losing tonight.

© 2012 The Distorted Poet All Rights Reserved

~ by The Distorted Poet on April 28, 2012.

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