Forest of Caves: The Darkest Garden Book Teaser

“I enjoy this falling
This constant calling in my own domain
The darkest garden ever in mind
The darkest garden ever,
Drifting through the cat’s eye.”
-An excerpt from the book Forest of Caves: The Darkest Garden

I hope that you enjoyed the preview stanza excerpt of what lies inside of the Darkest Garden.

In the meantime, the only person that will understand the stanza above is me. Which is fine, I kind of like the suspense of it all kind of marinating in readers minds, which is always nice. Neither of them are characters you wouldn’t really expect from anyone. So they’re two main characters I simply have a hard on for, and stay erect in so many respects while continuing on writing them. So far, there are two books about these two characters…however, I am not here to talk about future events. I am writing now to write about a book teaser.

The teaser took me 12 man hours total to create. 12 hours of thinking what to do, how to do it, and what kind of a soundtrack with chosen songs that seemed mildly appropriate. And Haujobb and another Daniel Myer project titled Cleen (Not sure if he will come out with another album from this band) were two choice picks for this particular piece. And received kind permission to use the work. Thanks again Daniel.

I enjoy editing software, it’s amazing stuff. You can pinpoint a timeline between a song and a frame and viola! It just comes together, and it takes a lot of time and patience to do. I imagine a lot of people get paid to do it, and I am not one of them.

The Darkest Garden was published in 2009. (January 4, 2009) It is the third and final Canto (Part) of the Forest of Caves Trilogy, as I have written in earlier blog postings, so I won’t babble on about it.
Other titles inside of the book, to write a few are; “The Ancient Soldier Part I”, “A Conversation with Sapphire”, “The Kiss to You” and one before last titled “Say Farewell to the Darkest Garden”.

Yes, you would think with a title like that, it would have been the last poem written in the book. However, it is not. And I will not mention the title either. Perhaps you could read it for yourself. Or perhaps someone will reply on this blog and spoil it for the readers.


In the meantime and enough of my babbling on like a drunken seaman; please watch the book teaser and I hope you enjoy.

IF you feel enticed enough to purchase a copy for yourself or your friends, just follow the links on this blog to the right of your browser (Where it reads “Blogroll”) and enjoy. Or, just click the link below:
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Thanks for being a reader.
– (((oOo))) Michael

~ by The Distorted Poet on June 9, 2012.

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