War on the American People, by the American People

World war three seems to have a whole new meaning in the world that we are witnessing now, if you are an American, that is.

Elder’s like the 92 year old United States war veteran Earl Jones stated in an interview “This isn’t America…” After being told to put his hands up as Sheriff’s arrived at his door step, shortly after Earl shot an intruder and killing him as the other intruders took the dead mans body and left the scene in their vehicle, dialing 911 and lying to dispatch before Sheriff’s appeared at Jones’ doorstep, and not knowing the real story that happened.

This 92 year old man should not even have to worry about anything, aside from his daily bread and health to sustain his adult life even longer than he has been for ninety two years he has lived. And even Earl will state that something in America isn’t right anymore, and in this proud American’s mind “I didn’t do nothing, I was defending myself, you call 911 and wait an hour, this incident is seconds and the intruders shoot me in the face and leave for dead. Time is of the [essence]”.

When you are in your own house and home, you want to feel 100% secure. Am I right? You don’t want some stranger in your home. You don’t know who the stranger is, and this stranger must be brave enough to enter into your home, why wouldn’t he or she bring a gun with them for the ride?

If I was a police officer, I would have went to the mans house and asked if he was alright, not tell the man to put his hands up, he knows I’m the law… luckily enough, the man wasn’t hurt or harmed by the officer and the victim complied with the officer’s demand.

Of course the suspects lied to police, telling them another story from the truth, so it made police suspicious enough to make the 92 year old war veteran look like a suspect. Luckily, the sheriff wasn’t trigger happy, or the real suspects could have gotten away with it.

I’m personally tired of our rights vanishing before our eyes, and if you try to argue the fact that it is our birth right as American’s to defend our own homes…and not become free enterprise for criminals in the Cities that we live in here on American soil.

Our fore fathers would be ashamed about how the way our Country has become so riddled with corporate thinking and globalist propaganda to brainwash even our very own American citizens, by thinking it is wrong to own a weapon, by thinking it is wrong to defend ourselves, and especially in our house. Our sanctuary, our privacy, our freedom of will and safety. It’s a sad new world.

“This isn’t America…” -Earl Jones
For more information on the incident please view the link published by the prison planet website and view the interview on video on their website at the link——-> 92 Year old Shoots and Kills Burglar

~ by The Distorted Poet on September 7, 2012.

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