Forest of Caves (Pt. I and II) Kindle Versions (Coming Soon)

I have been working on digital versions of Forest of Caves, part’s I (Season’s of Heaven and Hell) and II (The Book of Dreams) within the past two months for Kindle. The original books are now out of print (You could probably purchase them for an arm or a heart on if you are fortunate enough to afford the rare as fuck books) and no longer available for the time being. I will show in this posting what the front cover design for Forest of Caves: Season’s of Heaven and Hell (Book I of III) will look like. The third book is available for purchase in both digital format and book form, just look for the link on the right side of this page if you are interested to find out more. Or message me and I’ll send you details.

After some consideration, and frustration with how sloppy of a job Kindle publishes their book files, and mind you, in my opinion any real author, poet, or anyone who publishes should feel completely repulsed by how they structure their formatting and any author of old would also agree with me I am certain. Here is a taste of what you will read in one of the books, titled “NEW LIGHT”


I call upon the wisest of all,
–Cleansing my surroundings all around.

To lose the blue,
–To become born into the white and true new.

–To fall in love with the moon.

Where is the spirit I ask of?

The beauty of a white dove,
…With beauty in her eternal eyes.

Like bushes,
Filled with red roses,
…Within a world full of birds.

Drifting all around up in the sky,
Let us feel the rivers in enormous floods,
And watch it live all around,
…Revolving eternal in the streams of love.
Watch the mourning,
Watch the mourning,
(c)2005 Michael G. Stone ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

~ by The Distorted Poet on October 31, 2012.

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