A look into Forest of Caves: The Book of Dreams

I wanted to tell you a little something about a piece I wrote during the mourning months of 2000, a bit over a year after my mother passed on the day before Thanksgiving on November 24, 1999. I had been working at the time at a Bakery in Berkeley, California called Nabolom Bakery, and decided to get another job also after her passing; working for Sweet Dreams Toystore, which was around the corner of the bakery.

During break hours and after hours of working two jobs at minimal wages that barely paid for rent, bills and food as well as stationary to write with, including pens; I would work on Season’s of Heaven and Hell in 1999/2000 and The Book of Dreams one year later in 2000/2001, as well as many other works. It was my therapy. I did not go see a psychologist, I did not have a girlfriend, come to think about it, I never spoke about it to colleagues and didn’t really have friends during that time period either. I just did it my therapeutic way… and I’ll perhaps discuss this another time. 🙂

Mean whiles; one day, while on my break from the Toy store; I noticed a squirrel digging into trash cans in the back of the business while I was on my fifteen minute break and had some time to work on The Book of Dreams.

I felt inspired enough and titled the piece “Little Squirrel” which was later published in 2004. The book, Forest of Caves: The Book of Dreams is now out of print and was under contract for seven years until 2011. And I have decided, for the first time to create an ebook (Amazon Kindle) version. Since I am off contract from the publisher and I have free rights to republish the work again… not to mention with a much better cover.

Keep in mind the cover photo I took myself while the albino squirrel you see was flirting and having squirrel mating relations with the female you see below him in the photograph spreading his rare seeds and enjoying some “hanky panky”, as some would say.

I will also (later, within the next few week) create an ebook teaser for readers and others interested on Youtube with some video footage of the two “enjoying” one another intimately; while I was fortunate to have it filmed while taking photos as you will see in the teaser. Talk about a super rare action shot. ;- )

This ebook will be available thirteen years after my mother’s passing on the 25th of This month (November). The day is on a holy day (Sunday) which is beneficial, considering my mother was a religious woman who during her early years as a teen almost published a piece of her own. However, my grandmother (Her mother) forbid her from publishing the piece due to her strict religious belief’s of it being sacrilegious to publish anything other than the word of god (The Holy Bible).

So to me, the release will be a very special date and day on many levels.

Anyways, enough of my ranting on and a bit of history that probably has you bored to death… Please enjoy the read; an excerpt from Forest of Caves: The Book of Dreams.

“Little Squirrel”

Little squirrel,
Why do you have to sight the world,
The world of humans roam as if they were king?
Where did all the berries go?
Where did all the chestnuts go?

Little squirrel,
You roam this land so freely,
You make me jealous with such beauty.

Never do you pretend,
But you always seem to ask yourself
“Where did all the berries go?”
“Where did all the chestnuts go?”
Roaming so freely.

I always shall be pleased,
Every time I see you
Roaming this land…so freely.

(C) Michael G. Stone All Rights Reserved

~ by The Distorted Poet on November 7, 2012.

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