Forest of Caves: The Book of Dreams Available this Sunday

I have been working on a book teaser for the new digital printing of the Forest of Caves Trilogy, book 2; titled “Forest of Caves: The Book of Dreams” and the front cover that you view will be what it looks like. Dejan Samardzic (Musician from Haujobb, DSX and perhaps other musical works) will be producing the music score for the book teaser and will be available on Youtube before Sunday’s release of the book. I am very excited about this release as well as the new release (Available on Kindle since October 31, 2012) of Forest of Caves: Season’s of Heaven and Hell.

Inside The Book of Dreams you will see many works of poetry and prose by me. It is a collection of works during that I worked tirelessly on during August 27, 2000 till August 27, 2001 and there is no poem or prose titled the book of dreams, what you read inside is the book of dreams.

What is the book of dreams, you ask? Well, instead of using the title “Book of Shadows” I decided to use dreams. And if you know what a book of Shadows is, then you will know automatically what Forest of Caves: The Book of Dreams is all about.

This release will be available on Kindle sometime Sunday, and or Monday. The idea is to release it on Sunday the 25th, the day after my mother, Carolyn’s thirteenth passing. And also in respect of her spirit flowing around in the threshold some of us call heaven, or hell, or perhaps in a Buddhist sense, becoming born again into another life form on this Earth that you and I dwell within now. Or perhaps, if you are from a Mormon background, perhaps her spirit is now a goddess of her own, filling a planet of her own and as her own god, as the Mormon’s believe will happen when they pass onto the unknown.

You decide where she dwells, and go to on Sunday, or Monday morning, grab a cup of tea, or perhaps coffee and order
Forest of Caves: The Book of Dreams… the kindle digital version. And thank you for being a reader, and blessed be eternally within each day, what ever it is that you believe, or however you may feel and be.

I am honored to write on this planet and also honored to have the gift of writing like the ancient’s of literature once did before they passed onto the threshold as my mother has, and so many other souls; lost, found, and those souls forgotten.

To me, it is not about being known when you pass on when one writes, however; be true to your soul. Be true to your own heart, and time lesson’s it as if you planted a seed into the soil, and if it is healthy soil, it will bloom to become a VERY ancient and fruitful tree. Like the ancient Oak or the Chinese Ginkgo tree. All begin with just one seed.

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Enjoy the read and thanks again for being a reader of my life works.

An American Poet,
-The Distorted Poet; Michael G. Stone

~ by The Distorted Poet on November 24, 2012.

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