“The Best that You can be, in Your World” -By The Distorted Poet (unreleased, circa 2013)

As I sit here at my desk, I began thinking about how the world is so strangely changing. Our Country, when I mean ours, I mean the United States of America, is slowly crumbling and being treated like some child’s playground for School Administrators to dictate and change without rule or regulation. I find that shameful, considering our constitutional rights are being hung on a tree like those once were from the gallows from mountain tops, while hatred feasted on watching it, as though it was some fictional play, as they all cheered it on and wanting more after the murderous conduct had been done.

While I write this, our Country is sadly in a world of hurt, and everyone seems to be in this creation of psychological hatred towards our amendments that our forefathers of old once created to keep a better life that only our Country has ever accomplished. The freedom to speak freely. The freedom to bare arms. The freedom of expression and creation. The freedom of just being without dictatorship from anyone. The freedom to just be and reside happily without ridicule and hatred towards our own fellow citizens, or any human in general. That is what our Country stands for, and I would hate to see the future of our children reside in some future that our so called leaders destroy for a worse future ahead.

Original Document in free verse. 1-27-2013

Original Document in free verse. 1-27-2013

Aside from my thoughts, I decided to write a piece that is not negative, however, it is positive in the sense that we are all needed in our Country, or any Country for that manner, as we are. Whether you are the working class, Doctors, lawyers, Politicians, laborers, or the starving artists or starving poets like myself, we are all needed on this planet to thrive.
And we seem to take for granted the people in our countries that work their souls to the bone so our elders and children can live in harmony and peace, while we thrive on differences and trivial jealousies that we should find irrelevant.

So, I decided to dedicate this piece to everyone on the planet. That means all classes, lawful or unlawful, this piece is dedicated to you and you alone. And thank you for reading.

“The Best that You can Be, in Your World”

We roam in this taken land.
We take pride as we grow.
And year by year we prosper well,
And focus on the knowledge you wish to know.

We work hard in our studies,
To learn those endless tools we need to thrive.
We enter after a hard earned days pay,
Into our forest of caves,
And we should feel proud–And silence our minds.

Each and everyone of us moves the progression of time
–And our ticking and tocking,
We make the bloodlines survive.

Our professions,
Our trades,
Or responsibilities,
Never should you ever feel shame.

For the work that you do,
And the work that you do alone,
Will come together for everyone,
As the mountains snow,
And the river flow.

Thank you,
For being the best that you can be…in your world.
(C) 2013 The Distorted Poet, Michael G. Stone ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Thank you for being a reader.

~ by The Distorted Poet on January 27, 2013.

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