Forest of Caves: The Book of Dreams (The short film) (C) 2013

Welcome to the world of modern day poetry. I present to you:

Enjoy the short film.

At the end of this short film you will see some deleted scenes (unedited).

Scenes that were not in the deleted portion of this will be posted for viewing in the near future.

Deleted scenes that were not in the film were to keep it limited to exactly 8:18 minutes long.

During the editing of the film, the city was suddenly filled with a thick fog. I found that very appropriate for the making of the film, and the footage I took during filming will also be available in the near future.

Enjoy the book of dreams when you get yourself a copy. Do not forget to read it to the one you love. Could be a perfect and romantic moment during this Valentine coming up as well.


~ by The Distorted Poet on February 3, 2013.

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