“Fuck me, it’s Prose again Tuesday!” by: The Distorted Poet

Enjoy the read, your flattered toilet bowls full of laughter as you read this fart-fed-piece.


Found this silly prose piece I wrote in an old journal written in 1999. Enjoy!





“Wars that we may never see”


A Child’s World, But Some Day Soon, the future still lies hope.

To annihilate the darkness, or the light; one must destroy the senses. To see the woman in the white Sunday dress walk outside and see her Husband dressed proud and in a nice black suit and tie suddenly becomes shot in the head by some dark lifeless soul that just drove by. The woman in her Sunday dress lost in the “Slow Vision” and eternally paused shock. Her senses have been completely robbed for her entire life. The blood stains on her dress from her now dying husband drip like tears, down, down, down…and she dives down, grabs onto him and holds him. His eyes still on her, her face blood caked on like warpaint. devastated and disappointed that he cannot go to church on that very day, and to live side by side until she indeed dies for the rest of her life…and instead, he now has no choice but to.

One example of destroying the senses.


The global issues and political trials and errors our childish world has always been since the beginning of time.From Stone to Modern Weaponry.

I mean childish because we have lived Century after Century with this notion that we need to have this “power”, this strange notion of “Worship me” attitude and persona. Countries ‘century after century’ destroying each other like a heard of hyena’s “thrashing” into their lonely and peaceful prey.


I wanted my time to think about it all. “My time!” … And I did.

Screw a shrink, they’re helpless and not one could “REALLY” tell you they helped anyone “at all”… But they will be more than happy to tell you with that metaphorical smile that they just robbed you senseless and to come back for more next week. They love that adoration of  the “Study them like gerbils/rats/zoo animals “inside and out” of the cage with these new trial medications!” slogan in so many priceless words.


The mindset of our modern world is still as primitive as the Monkeys that roams freely and at ease in the jungle, aggressive and destructive of those that are foreign to them. Modern Education is still primitive as well; and no matter how we look at it, it really is. When I speak of this primitive mindset, I mean us as individuals and how we treat each other, even in civilian matters; with trials in civil and harmful actions–we simply do not see we’ve just created a new evolution of aggression and destruction.





~ by The Distorted Poet on April 9, 2013.

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