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It has been a while since I have been doing freelance writing and editing. Ever since I left California for Minnesota, I haven’t seen anything for work. And now, I am back in California and slowly getting back into the swing of things. And it feels good. PROMO JP The Distorted Poet 2013 copy



I have been writing/Editing since January of 1999 professionally and I feel that at this present time I have only scratched the surface of my craft. Stats show that most Freelance Writers/Editors make on average of $60,000+ a year. And that seems fair enough, considering the time, research, hard work and dedication one places in each clients demands. And it is not always easy to keep up with their critique, however I have never lost a job via client. So that says a lot about my writing/editing skill.

Aside from the close release of AMERICAN BUDDHIST and Forest of Caves II: Deeper Within the Flesh, I have been looking for freelance work. So far so good and I plan on it coming.


Sometimes, things get complicated… however, those complications are simply temporary and we all move along. And I have been busting my bawls to release these new additions to my Independent Publishing Career, and it is good.


And all of those who have supported me during these last few very hard months of complications… blessed be. And all of those who chose not to when I needed them most, well… Blessed be as well with a dash of cringe and loathing.


If you are looking forward to both American Buddhist and Forest of Caves II: Deeper Within the Flesh; look no further, it will be around soon. I am also planning on touching up and polishing Southern Gothicks. I found it kind of convenient considering I am in Southern California currently to do so. So look for more updates on that soon as well. Below and above are promotional shots I took for both publications.






~ by The Distorted Poet on September 21, 2013.

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