You Hate Everyone – A Sample from “Forest of Caves II: Deeper Within the Flesh”

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This sample that I am going to post is something I wrote a few days ago. This will be published in the upcoming book “Forest of Caves II: Deeper Within the Flesh” and will be released sometime before December of 2013. I am hoping it will be ready by December. We will see. I have been so busy and have been lost with my scale focus in life. And that is writing. However, “it is time to overcome that and focus, Focus; Focus. Hocus Pocus Focus-focus-focus.” Read that out loud while imagining yourself use a machine gun and pulling the trigger with each syllable and that should be a pretty vivid example of how I just said the sentence above.

meanwhile, enjoy the read [Unedited]:


I wonder why your mother would say you hate everyone.

I wonder why your mother would say to me;

“If I was skinny I would leave your father.”

I felt that it all was weird.

I wonder why you know you are taking antidepressants; prescribed by a nurse practitioner.

I wonder why you never told me or why.

I wondered why you never looked up the medical properties of the prescribed drugs you were taking.

I wonder why you have yet to be a real adult and talk to me like civil human beings do;

Especially if you tell me daily you are in love with me,

And then vanish as if your mind got wiped in almost a split second.

I wish you would be a real woman, not this chemical spilled and pill one, pill two, pill three and pill four mind.

I just don’t get it. However, money will never help you in life.

Like I wrote in the beginning of this email;

your mother admitted if she was skinny,

She would have left your father.

That is the saddest thing I have ever heard in my entire life.

When I heard that I said “you’ve lived with him all of your life,

Raised your daughter, you both were in love.”

And she didn’t say a word. Not a solitary single word. And then, she atom bombed like a nuclear war head.

I imagine she alienated herself when she had you

And now

she is psychologically;


In a realm where she feels you are not only her best friend,

Just her only friend.

And you feel that she is your only friend–thru her binding you.

The manipulation from another mother to her daughter.

And she yells at your father,

And your father does absolutely nothing.

Perhaps that is what happened;

I came into your parents home and they felt suddenly

Uncomfortable… with being themselves. Them-Selves. Them. Self.

Themselves meaning;

Being abusive mentally

And shouting at your already beaconed mind

Mean to you like you told me they did.

And I never seen them treat you bad once,

Aside from your mom wanting to know our every pulsating move.

Then, I left and you told me they got upset with you when we would talk.

Stressing you out.

Got upset we talked 1 hour and 30 minutes while taking about you moving out here and bam!

The next day;

Disconnecting me from contact.

Can’t even call your work number cause you’re such an infant child,

You need your mother and father to tell you what to do, where to shit, eat and sleep.

And have no real mind of thinking for yourself.

And I trusted you with my devoted love and you do this to me.


You hate everyone.


So why try becoming a doctor?

Why bother helping others?

Why bother go into medical school?

You know, I saved you twice from death since we were together and well…

I feel you need to release some real tension before you literally explode worse than your mother does.

Her on the phone the night you broke up with me,

Oh, goodie good good, listen to what my daughter that hates everyone needs to say to you…

And it was insane and she kept being oddly incoherent to anything I said.

Her whole conversation was so her sided.

And you… Well, you… You hate everyone. And you know this already… It is YOu, isn’t it?

So why bother dwell in a hospital room,

Poisoning your clientele with everything under the radiating sun.

You hate everyone.

You hate everyone.

Even your very own mother said it.

You hate everyone.

So why not just be done.

Strike three, and it’s a home run.


Commmmmment bishes… Chop chop!

~ by The Distorted Poet on September 21, 2013.

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