A lecture on Medication – By The Distorted Poet, Michael G. Stone

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What is the real problem that you have, within? Why do you feel that you need a pill for a feeling that you may or may not have? Do you embrace these medications that make you feel out of tune from the thoughts that may consume you? Do you feel that it fills that void in your life, to have these prescribed medications that you take daily? That one or two or three times a day pill. Does it really help your spirit lift itself into your daily life? Why do you feel that way? You are miserable taking these medications and you feel you have this sense of calm and control when you do take them. However, you are forgetting the point of why you went to the physician to have them prescribed to you. You simply had an ailment that needed to be taken care of.  Perhaps they were depressed feelings of a loved one, or something that kept you imbalanced.

And now, you are on these daily pills and they not only control you, if you stop using them, you feel a sense of loss, like the way you felt before you took them. And you get back on them, hoping it will change your life, however it always intensifies your mind and you tend to suppress a feeling that should be taken care of. The medication becomes almost like your best friend, you cannot live without the pill by your side, and within you. It becomes your spirit, and lively hood. And the person you once were is not you, anymore. You are a completely different person altogether. You become anxiety ridden, anxious, self induced and in constant fear of others around you. Not trusting anyone, and you begin to lose functions of self preservation and self logic. And you crumble in a state of excess as if someone with a real drug problem has been induced with. Lost in these prescribed narcotics and you lose all control without them.

And who becomes the victim again, when you had a small problem or two you could have dealt with on your own? You. And you spend thousands of dollars each year simply on these “all cure” medications that you unknowingly become addicted to. You brain fuck yourself for these medications. You cannot function without these medications. And you become so involved in feeling like you need them, you cannot and will not live without them. Even if you stop taking them, you live on for a few days and your mind becomes out of control with withdrawals and of course… naturally, you get back on them right away, and it makes you feel comfortable once again. However, it will never solve that problem you had to begin with when you walked into the physicians office and he or she prescribed you with them. And now, you suffer with something that you could have controlled simply by figuring our that soul problem, and dealing with it accordingly. Whether it was a traumatic experience in your life or simply a break up with someone you felt you loved and couldn’t be without them. And you suffer in this fantasy of this ailment. This narcotic symptom. This illusion of a cure all pill that you induce daily. And you have no sense in realizing that it does not help your ailment at all… it just, like all medications, suppresses yourself from the subject that you came into quarrel with.

And surrounding your eyes, grey shaded. Your spirit grows numb and your body weakens and your system grows cold. And you don’t even realize that problem you had to begin with, you just want more and more of that medication to induce that feeling to continue on.

So why are we in this world of “Take a pill and you will be cured” mythology? The reason being is it is a very profitable business. Everyone wants to do it, and  it becomes a mantra, a ” you should do it too” theory. “It will cure your woes, and pains” theory. However, it only suppresses you and most become worse than it was when you went into the medical office for that very first time. And your mind suddenly has this want and need for them. So you tell your physician every little reason to receive a pill for every little thing. And you go home and pop them all, and “holy holy, oh mighty god, you are saved from your woes, anxieties and pains. And the physician is simply getting paid, and more than likely hates humans to begin with. I am sure you know this if you are involved in the medical field, that the high majority of the ones employed in the field simply hate humans. They would rather be home with domesticated animals than be involved in human interaction. Not all of them, however the high majority of them are simply that way in logic. They hate people. They don’t want nothing to do with human beings, however, the market to be in these fields are so on demand and they are highly paid to do these careers that they thrive on studying the field and profession or not only the wisdom and field, but for the money.

And these medications are being born daily, and medical conditions are being made up monthly on demand so the administrative practitioners involved will have their quarterly budgets reimbursed for their high class lifestyles.

I feel that our humanity in America has evolved in a world of crisis and self destruction. People in everyday life walk around with very damaged minds, that have no way of healing them, aside from medications. And these medications suppress their core problem to begin with. A love one dies. That is trauma, however the natural process of natural healing in our age today has become completely void and invalid. It is pill time kiddo… take this and you will be free from those memories. And that natural ability to grow, understand and the lesson becomes the enemy. That is not the way to function anymore. It is unnatural now. And it is time to get yourself some therapy, go see some stranger and have him sign a paper to have pills rushed into your bloodstream, and fast… before it is too late. Do it, do it now. And if you do not take them, you will be taken into a place of prison where you will be force fed them instead, cause you are endangering yourself at this point… as a nurse would tell you… Shameful how society has become. This is how we function now though, isn’t it?

I’ve met plenty of people, mainly women who have been on medications, and trust me… none of them are any better than before they took them. They are far worse off and I imagine the high majority of them will try to fatally harm themselves in some way, shape or form and either end up in a fatality or in a patient ward. And the business is good, we get thousands of you suckers treated daily, and more and more newbs just waiting to be experimented on and analyzed and treated with prescribed narcotic drugs known to kill, make you worse, and definitely not help you at all. And therapy… lol. Any therapist will tell you they have had very minimal to no recovery of their patients. Why, do you ask? CAuse they’re not in the business to help you… they’re in the business, to observe, write down text book diagrams, and perceive your actions while you feel that you are telling someone that actually cares to help you… and you pay for this, like a junky pays to get his fix from the scum of the earth drug dealer on the streets, that also does not simply give a rats ass about you or anyone else he deals with.

The soul lecture here is to give those who have yet to get involved in these medications to understand the meds will not help you recover from your ailment that you are going through. The only thing that will help you, is YOU. So remember that when you walk into the medical office and are ready to try these medications cause some stranger prescribed them to you and said they will do you good. They will never do you good, they will only suppress yourself and make you far worse than what you were before you took them. I know, I’ve seen many in this condition. And it breaks my heart to see them in these states of self destruction, do to trusting these people that everyone believes they can-be-trusted.

And for those who are addicted and stuck on these prescribed meds… I do not know what to tell you. I just hope you figure out it is time to move on, and focus on how you are going to eliminate this unnecessary action out of your life. And become healed, body and mind from that thing you thought would help you. It obviously has yet to. So why are you still on it? Do you like the narcotic in your bloodstream? Do you like that poison tearing up your body in the long run? Do you love that mind altering substance destroying your emotions? Do you love forgetting? Do you enjoy losing memories? Think about this for a while. Seriously… think about it. What are you doing to yourself? Ask yourself that question once you are finished reading this lecture.

What are you doing to yourself?

And what are you going to do about it?

Do a search on “1 in 4 women in the US take medication and still suffer from depression” and you will find a plethora of pages on that subject alone. Why? It is absurd. And I am simply outraged about this issue.  I had an obese woman tell me a week ago and I quote “If I was skinny, I would leave my husband.” and her husband is VERY good to her. He works two jobs, pays the bills, and has plenty of toys, a house and a good child that they raised beautifully, aside from her being on prescribed medications also for depression… AND IT IS SAD!!! FUCKING SAD!!!

I am fed up with loved ones and friends loaded with prescribed narcotics.

Disclosure: Everything I wrote above is my own thoughts and opinions based on perception of endless women I have known. And if you are offended, fuck off. You should be more offended by the futile medications out there that are destroying people on a daily basis.

I ask that you reply with your opinions and thoughts. Please tell me your experiences on the subject. Tell me if you are taking medications and how long you have been taking medications. And do you feel they really help suppress you? Do you feel you can get off of them and live your life? Have they challenged your ailments and made you want to harm yourself? Have they intensified you to harm yourself or others? Let me know, I would like to know. And if you do not want to publicly reply, send me an email. I would like to know. And take care.

Michael [at] thedistortedpoet [dot] 20m [dot] com

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~ by The Distorted Poet on September 27, 2013.

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