“1BC – The Birth of Jesus Christ, again” -Michael G. Stone

I wrote this in early 1995, however I decided to rearrange it into the modern age of our social internet society. The beginning is the same, and the rest I changed completely to show how much we have changed in society since our digital age.

Please enjoy this piece that is simply for broadminded adults only. If you cannot handle a work of poetry that consists of a subjective environment, I would advice you simply not read this piece by no means whatsoever. For the rest of my readers, enjoy.

1BC Poem 2013 Photo
                         “1B.C – The birth of Jesus Christ, again”
Many centuries ago,
Let us call it one B. C.
Well, I was just…
You know, sitting alone,
And watching some T.V.
Waiting for the main event to arrive;
Live, and on via satellite.
People all over the world gathered around.
Glued and waiting for it all to finally begin on TV.
And mother Mary,
Legs wide open for public viewing.
Wait for it,
Wait for it…
And there, he squeezed out.
Everyone stared,
Some criticized the moment,
Some cried out with joy,
Some broke out in tears,
And some lashed out with rage,
And many did not care.
And everyone,
And everyone… And I do mean;
Everyone… Watched it live,
On Via satellite.
Some protested he be killed immediately.
Others took him away,
In hiding.
And no one heard a thing about him until around the age of thirty.
The media stormed to him like raging vultures would,
And everyone watched on their royal drone tubes.
And his ministry began,
While the cameras were there; twenty four hours a day.
Healing the sick,
Walking on water,
And never, ever entering into the city,
And the media asked why he would never enter the city,
And as the world watched and waited for his answer,
He replied “I would condemn them.”
And the people thought; a terrorist?
And the authorities arrested him,
And the liberals all raged
“Pin him on the cross like the scum he is!”
And others raged
“Shoot him dead!”
“Rip him apart limb from limb!”
And others raged
“He is the savior, let him go!”
And he, replied to everyone
Let me be,
For I am the way
The truth
And the light
And I am meant to die for all who sins.
And the authorities nailed his hands painfully to the cross
As they lashed him to move forward
Up and up
To the town hill top
And all the media coverage you ever wanted was on every channel
And everyone watched
And everyone posted twitter commentary
And everyone posted Facebook and myspace opinions
And he, who was born
His only begotten son
Forgave everyone
As he walked to the top of the mountain
As he was followed by helicopters
And cameramen and reporters who loved the coverage
And bled there; slowly dying under a heated sun
With only a pair of dirty briefs
And nothing else.
And his body died and his soul; freed.
And people cheered
And people partied in the streets
And people got drunk and made love
And some mourned
And some cried
And some couldn’t understand why.
Your god,
Who gave birth to a child on one B.C.

Written by the creator of the Forest of Caves series.


~ by The Distorted Poet on October 1, 2013.

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