Forest of Caves, The Darkest Garden (Audio Discussion) by The Distorted Poet

Last night, while writing I was venting out and while doing so, feeling alone I noticed the wild flickering of my light bulb, and moments later I decided to create a video teaser for the audio recording of the Darkest Garden. Mind you, this piece is over 8000 words. So, the audio version will be longer than [Insert what ever you can think of, here].

Here is that teaser; produced, recorded and edited by yours truly. NOTE: Please use headphones during this video viewing. Thank you.



I kind of did not want to write much this evening on here, however I will… I have been recording The Darkest Garden for the past week now. And once I complete the tracks, I will review/listen to each one and either re-record selected versions I dislike and keep the rest the way they are. My recording studio is in my room. Nothing special, and I do not plan on going to some fancy recording studio to record something I can do simply on my own. I have always been fortunate and savvy that way.

I used the first six words in the teaser towards the end, if you did not notice, or have not read the darkest garden. This is the transcript below:

“I was once in a dream…”


The second portion [not in video] reads:

…”I called it a fairytale.”


Ah, what the hell… I’ll just write the rest of the words of the first track here:


“You were lying with me, and your eyes stared into space… pale.

There is a visible garden in my eyes.

Its color pattern rainbows in front of me.

Strange noises from those battle ships come,

and tearing apart the land around us.

I point my finger up at them,

And slowly watch them… come crashing down.”



GAWD, I loved writing that first part. Imagine a gentleman of high political power, with his love, his muse, laying together in a garden. The two of them are surrounded in a city wide pod like shield, while a war of air ships above, attacking the region… And the two of them are not at all worried, as the man takes on a long journey into self meditation, and visual invocations of summoning many various creatures, past time periods and deeper thinking.


Meanwhiles. I hope anyone who reads these words enjoyed the teaser. And cheers,

TDP, Michael





~ by The Distorted Poet on March 29, 2014.

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