A terrible Spring cold.




Day five of this terrible spring cold is now one step higher; and I woke up this morning to absolutely no voice as I told myself… “Oh, great.” and went back to sleep. That was at 2:35am (0235)… And I write this now at 7:41pm (1941) And I wrote this to let the people around me know that my voice was out and could not have a normal conversation.





I hate feeling like this… And I imagine it was necessaryphoto copy .

To the right of this is a photo of me while placing an Amon Ra stone on my forehead and I laid there for a while; meditating on a lot of things that are negative and positive in my life. And I feel it is time for me to rid myself of the negative and follow thru with the positive aspects and inspirations of my own. I do enjoy how the photograph is a bit blurred, and it shows a similar idea of how I was feeling at the time and even now, as my body perspires and is releasing toxins from my body. I do feel a sense of energy and I also have decided to focus on things much further than I have been.

I imagine I should take a nice hot shower soon. And I do indeed feel more energetic within, however I do feel I need rest still and hopefully it will release from my body completely in a couple more days. Who knows.


I can not wait to snap out of this very bad cold… I really hate the taste of cough syrup. One of the Buddhist monks where I live just knocked on my door and handed me some over the counter medication. I hope it helps. Glad he is good to me.

I obviously have not been recording anything from the Darkest Garden as of late. For obvious reasons. I am glad I have been getting energy back though. Never knew what a cold could be like until this one arrived.


I will write more soon enough.




~ by The Distorted Poet on April 8, 2014.

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