Another day Quarantined.

It really is strange that I have been sick with this flu-turned-laryngitis for almost one week now.

I really hate taking cough suppressants,




I think the only pro of having this cold is to realize that outside lately have been in the 80-90 *photo copy 3 range and it feels cold to me. Other than that, this cold really sucks. This cold knocked me down good.  The photo shows me knocked on my ass due to these little microbial body destroyers, over riding my body and slowly tearing me apart.


I can barely think straight enough to write, much less have been doing any writing lately. I did write a letter recently, and decided not to send it out, do to the pages being infested with so many microbes by me coughing onto the page while writing… Don’t think it would be a good thing, sending it out to another Country to evolve with this flu that I somehow received out here…sick in bed Still cannot pin point where I could have received this death flu…


I imagine this will fall off into the abyss soon enough, and I am about done with harvesting such a dreadful virus for almost one week straight. Did I mention how much I hate cough suppressant syrups, aspirin,


For now… it just is.

-TDP, Michael





~ by The Distorted Poet on April 9, 2014.

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