“When the WINDS blow onto West-End-Gy” – by The Distorted Poet

“Have fun racing… bye.”  A last text I decided to remark upon. So tired of waiting, and life is too short for mourn, as we all know. So it is time for me to allow the spring to be at full bloom and watch the honey bees mate, sting my with their love bind and see where the world leads beyond. I am cleared from the bind of that wicked witch from old and desire the white witch of the now to be full, pink, perfect and in sync with my ways, our love, and our future… And I am tired of waiting for the old fuse that blew me away in July of last year… Please enjoy this piece, I wrote below. Please note the phrase “West-End-Gy” is pronounced: West End Gee (like Geek).




When the WINDS, blow on West-End-Gy

The world flows like glitter in our eyes,

The world flows like shivers in our hearts

The world flows like sparkles in our minds,

And when the WINDS blow on West-End-Gy… you know the best is here to be.


And we dance around like we are the only ones around

And we dance and laugh, and dance and sing, and dance around, and dance around and dance dance dance to our West-End-Gy.

When the WINDS blow on West-End-Gy,

We see the river waters rise and flow without paths,

And we wonder where we are, and what do we continue to do;

And we walk un shackled like the rest of the world is, and we fall in our own realms until we come clear into our years


And we sing and laugh and dance and sing and laugh and laugh and watch the WINDS blow onto West-End-Gy.

Calm into you.

Calm into you.

Calm into you… and dance!


(c) 2014, Michael G. Stone



~ by The Distorted Poet on April 11, 2014.

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