In 2009 I began a piece entitled “Deeper Within the Flesh”. I did not complete the piece until three days before taking a plane out to San Francisco, California (SFO) and filmed on location inside of City Light’s Bookstore without a permit (someone actually yelled “Get a permit” while reciting the first 224 words of the piece. The piece took almost eight years to complete.


Thanks Tracy Kaos for filming!


I asked her before hand after drinking a shot of whiskey and a pint glass of good beer next door at the bar across from Kerouac Alley;

“No matter what happens, keep the recording going. If we get kicked out, keep it rolling.”

We did not get kicked out, and I purchased a T Shirt and some goods while Tracy purchased some very good Computer Science books. Her and her PHD in computer science panties. Meanwhiles…

Check out the video. Cheers! And thank you Lawrence Ferlinghetti! Much respect!


The first 222 word transcript of “Deeper Within the Flesh” reads for you below;


“Deeper within the flesh”

(The first 222 words)

A very gray wind from the Middle Eastern lands

One by one – the sand arose into the sky.

As the scales of the air

Thick and crowded

A congested freeway on rush hour

Marching onto a dark beyond

And god stood above, laughing.


She cloaks her lust into my view

Her breasts – nude before me…

Heaven could not imagine such beauty

Until laid there before me.



Un borrowed – and mine for my forbidden appetite.


A lustful year as I ate the poison from the apple

And I now,

Cursed by a dark witch as she laughs

Her piercing gypsy hell…


In London; I afloat in a discreet opium bar…

I stare up at a woman; the silver bride.


With three eyes and six breasts.

Her skin, radiation blue…

Her eyes; ancient turquoise green…

And her hair – Amethyst crystals…


Flowing exquisite perception.


She stared, smiling.


Naked—cross-legged—and her arms swayed like a constant motion

Like endless waves from the Pacific Ocean…

She is a very dark and ancient demon as well as I.


One minute passed…


I, dazed from those oh-so-yellow.


Come and watch the world be gone within seconds.


Forever in a place of destruction…


We go deeper within the flesh.

Without question, that is all mortals are…

They are flesh.

Filled with endless memories—many not even their own.

(c) 2106 Michael G. Stone ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


This will be the cover of the book with minor editing. Cover art created by the Polish artist Justyna Gajda.

~ by The Distorted Poet on February 19, 2016.

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