The Elder – A story written in the book “The Dreamer is Still Asleep: Short Stories for Those Haunted”

The book,  The Dreamer is Still Asleep: Short Stories for Those Haunted (Lulu Publishing, July 24, 2009) is a collection of short horror stories. However, I wrote one short story in the book that was not a horror at all. It is a very short story I wrote and I would like to share it for free. Enjoy the read.

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The elder man walked freely and at ease in his humble home. His calm and quiet mind, day to day, was free of any stress or worries. He understood the balance of life and he understood it well. He sang with grace from the heart. Today, he began to sing “In everyday is a good day for me. And in everyday is a good day for me.

His customs were simple. He kept to himself and fed by his vegetable garden in the back yard.

With his many animals, he never worried about where he would need money to purchase food. The river nearby also kept him well with the flowing clear and fresh spring, and the salmon that flowed upstream always were available if the elder felt the need to catch one or two.

The elder man grew up, never worrying about war, poverty or anything else that would cause grief in our daily lives today. He was a very simple and a Zen-like man in all of its meaning.

He never felt depression, or worry of change, and never felt the beauty of emotional pain. He understood the lessons that it nurtured, and used it for positive only, and never negative.

He sang with the birds every morning. He whistled while he walked around. He danced with the wind when it blew hard. He raised his arms up high when the rain fell.

He never worried about traveling around the world. The elder man knew where he was born, and he desired nothing else but to stay where he stood till he passed into the Earth below his feet. This was the elder mans soil, and no one could take that away from him.

At night, the stars were at arms reach and he enjoyed looking up above with a glow that most could never achieve in any lifetime. His only dream, was to feel what he always felt day to day… His blissful mind. His calm heart and blood flow.

The elder man had never worried about anything. He never worried about humanities cruel side. War. Hate… Violence. Never once did those thoughts ever cross the elder mans mind, his humble and calm mind.

Not even in his dreams.

(c) 2009 Michael G. Stone, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

~ by The Distorted Poet on April 3, 2016.

One Response to “The Elder – A story written in the book “The Dreamer is Still Asleep: Short Stories for Those Haunted””

  1. felt like more of a lesson of aesops fables or zen the extended version we needed to hear sometimes in all the changing waveing neon signs and thngs packaged at us .. once again . thanks . of a way .. harmony balance hmm

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